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GoMummy Privacy Policies

All You Need to Know About Privacy

GoMummy gives utmost importance and respects the user’s privacy and uses the information
shared by users to provide the best website experience and services.

This page explains the information we collect from you,
how we use that information, and our information security policies.

This Privacy Policy discusses how GoMummy.in collects, uses, processes, and maintains information collected from our users. Customers, visitors from our websites, individuals who contact visitors and us to our customer's sites (all: Users).Please review the terms of this Privacy Policy are in addition to the terms of our AUP and our agreement. GoMummy collects information from Users in many ways. Within our Privacy Policy, we aim to give users an understanding of what types of information we collect, how we process and use it; the choices users may have related to this collected information. GoMummy reserve the right to change its Privacy Policy at a given point of time.
GoMummy regularly updates its Privacy Policy and users are requested to visit our Privacy Policy page often to keep up with the updates, please visit this page often. If you have a question about how we handle pieces of information, please email us at support@GoMummy.in.

What Information do we collect?

Customer Record: When visitors become our customers, they provide GoMummy with their address, email, phone number, and credit card details. Visitors may also provide us with their fax number and company affiliation (together Customer Record) as and when required.

Inquiries: When a User contacts GoMummy, we may ask for personal information that allows us to contact them, validate the seriousness of their interest and ask to share relevant and supported information related to their sole intentions to contact us (User Inquiry Information).

Statistical Information: All of our web servers collect statistical information such as Users' IP addresses, dates of visitation, the device used, and OS information, and other data (Statistical Information).

Cookies: Our website uses cookies. These data files are read by our server to determine whether Users have visited our site before, how often, the length of time, and which pages Users view. The equipment we use to provide Services to Users may also place cookies on their computers.

GoMummy.in is required to fulfill the information demanded and dictated by State and Federal law. This information includes subpoenas, warrants, and civil discovery demands. Information covered by GoMummy’s Privacy Policy may reveal following such a request if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such information sharing is necessary or required. We may also disclose this information if it is needed to protect the interests of GoMummy, our customers, or in connection with the sale of GoMummy’s business.

Customer Record: GoMummy uses the Customer Record to identify Users personally. It is used throughout GoMummy’s business to provide services to Users. Information in your Customer Record will only be shared with third parties if it is necessary to provide Third Party products to you. However, the information in the Customer Record related to payments, such as a user’s credit card number, is only used to ensure we receive payment for services rendered.

Customer Inquiries: We use Customer Inquiry Information to identify Users personally. It is used throughout our business to provide services to Users. Sometimes we share customer inquiry Information is shared with third parties in the following circumstances: to identify and fix problems with services we provide when we are not capable of doing so ourselves.

Statistical Information: We do not use Statistical Information to identify Users personally. We use statistical information to operate our hardware and software, diagnose problems, and administer our website. We may use aggregate information to modify the products and services we offer based on who is visiting our website and what they are purchasing.

Cookies: GoMummy may use cookies to identify Users personally. We use the information provided by cookies to change the way our website looks to the Users; to keep Users logged in to certain areas of the site; to ensure continued connection to the Equipment, and to collect demographic data about where Users go on our website and how they behave. GoMummy uses cookies to track and log activities on the Equipment and our Network for security, network maintenance, and other related activities.

Tracking Software: GoMummy does not use tracking software to identify users personally. We use the information provided by Tracking Software to determine the effectiveness of our marketing programs, improve the functionality of our website, and to collect demographic data about where Users go on our website and how they behave.

Data Retention and Security

GoMummy stores and covers the information all the time by Privacy Policy indefinitely. GoMummy team ensures the highest level of security and Information collected from GoMummy’s website is protected by SSL 128-bit encryption technology during transmission. Information held by GoMummy is protected using industry-standard security measures. GoMummy’s employees are required to have information covered by this Privacy Policy confidential unless disclosure is authorized in this Privacy Policy, or by Users. No means of communication or information transmission or storage is secure. Because of this, GoMummy is not responsible for the loss of corruption, unauthorized acquisition and use of information covered by this Privacy Policy, or for any resulting damages including illegalprocurement and use.