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Written by Mangesh Thakur | Mar 4, 2020 12:19:07 AM
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LiteSpeed Web Server
LiteSpeed Web Server is the main elite, high-adaptability web server from LiteSpeed innovations. It tends to be utilized to supplant a current Apache server without changing some other projects or working framework subtleties. The best part is that it very well may be incorporated without breaking anything. All things considered, LiteSpeed Web Server can rapidly supplant a significant bottleneck in your current web facilitating stage.

With its thorough scope of highlights and simple to-utilize web organization reassure, LiteSpeed Web Server can assist you with overcoming the difficulties of conveying a viable web facilitating foundation.

LiteSpeed Web Server Editions
LiteSpeed web server is accessible in three versions. These releases are recorded beneath:

1) OpenLiteSpeed Edition
This version is commonly utilized for enormous, high-traffic sites. Notwithstanding, this version isn't good with any facilitating control board. It's an open source release and free for individual and business employments.

2) Standard Edition
This version is commonly utilized for little, low-traffic sites and is additionally perfect with facilitating control boards, for example, WHM/cPanel and DirectAdmin. This release is likewise free and can be utilized for individual or business purposes.

3) Enterprise Edition
This release is broadly utilized for huge, high-traffic sites and is good with various facilitating control boards. The endeavor version is generally utilized by driving web facilitating associations to give a phenomenal web facilitating experience for their significant customers. Undertaking version has the most significant level of steadiness and is upheld by cPanel. It additionally coordinates with DirectAdmin control board.

LiteSpeed Web Server Features
LiteSpeed Web Server has unrivaled execution as far as both crude speed and adaptability. LiteSpeed is quicker than Apache while serving PHP substance. It's a perfect facilitating stage for serving WordPress, Joomla and Drupal based sites as it effectively expands PHP's presentation and security.

Apache Compatibility
LiteSpeed Web Server is good with the regularly utilized Apache web server and its highlights, for example, mod_rewrite, .htaccess, and mod_security. LiteSpeed Web Server can even load the Apache setup documents, permitting it to fill in as an immediate trade for Apache. It is likewise good with the main facilitating control boards, for example, cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

Execution and Scalability
LiteSpeed Web Server expands the presentation and versatility of web facilitating stages through its exceptional occasion driven design. It has the capacity of serving a great many customers all the while with least utilization of server assets, for example, memory and CPU. The remarkably created and enhanced code of LiteSpeed Web Server expands PHP execution just as serving static sites quicker than Apache. It has the capacity of dealing with unexpected spikes in rush hour gridlock just as assisting with overseeing against DDOS assaults with no DDOS alleviation equipment.

LitSpeed Web Server is good with Apache's mod_security highlight and has worked in hostile to DDoS ability. With adjustable highlights, for example, per-IP associations and transfer speed throttling, IPs that make such a large number of associations or asks for or request an excess of data transmission are blocked, halting aggressors before they invade your server.

Financially savvy
Changing to LiteSpeed from Apache is a simple assignment and exceptionally practical regarding bolster costs. LiteSpeed's permitting costs are very low contrasted with any equipment updates required to advance a server running Apache. Moreover, LiteSpeed's special highlights help lessen bolster costs by giving an advanced, secure, and stable facilitating stage. This thus gives bolster experts and executives significant serenity as opposed to managing an over-burden server.

In Closing
With its blend of accessible highlights and the simplicity with which it very well may be executed into your current system, LiteSpeed Web Server is a perfect answer for facilitating suppliers looking for an option in contrast to Apache. By giving a minimal effort, high-security web facilitating arrangement, LiteSpeed might be the ideal fix for your facilitating needs.

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